The Tile Palette was launched in 2014. We had a small showroom in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. This was a beautiful space that was curated for designers, architects and the general public that had an eye for design.

Slavica Calandra is the Creative Director behind The Design Palette. She is a creative entrepreneur who has a passion for everything being online and accessible. Slavica has had over 25 years experience in design, interiors, retail, colour, digital marketing and the online space.


In August 2018 I decided to close the retail doors and keep the business online only. I saw the vision where there was no need to visit a store, when you can buy samples online from the comfort of your own home.

With the way the world is now, if you are not online you are seriously missing out. Having the freedom to work from wherever is where the real freedom is when running a business. I no longer wanted to also be confined to a physical store.

August 2021 We have just launched a new rebrand of the business we are now The name change was on the cards for a while. We had to upgrade to a new website with Shopify and we have also neiched down specialising in Natural Stone mosaics & sustainable products. It's time to really focus on high quality products that are sustainable, good for you and good for the planet.

I am always here for a chat about anything to do with design, digital marketing, colour, interiors, the online space and sustainability in our homes.

Slavica V Calandra xo