Slow Living: The Secrets to Slowing Down and Noticing the Simple Joys Anywhere (Decorating Book for Homebodies, Happiness Book)

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Make Slow Living Part of Your Everyday!"Slow Living is a work of art...I observed a sense of calm within myself as I read its pages and appreciated the beautiful pictures." -Andrea Henkels, author of Herman Heals His HeartLiving peacefully is within reach if you slow down your life. With Slow Living, you too can embrace simple living and mindfulness for peace-induced days!Looking for peace and happiness? Book a personal reading hour with Slow Living, your guide on how to slow down your life and live peacefully. Helena Woods, author and creator of popular YouTube channel Simple Joys, reveals the wisdom she has learned by moving abroad from the US and living a slower life in France. With beautiful prose and original photography, she provides inspiration and guidance to create a simple living environment wherever you are.Slow Living is for anyone looking to simplify life. Personal growth books for women tend to leave out men and children, but this book was intentionally crafted with everyone in mind! If you're looking for how to improve yourself and how to get into simple living, then this is the guide for you! For many, a slow European lifestyle seems out of reach, but with the direction in this book, readers are able to craft this lifestyle for themselves anywhere, anytime.Inside, you'll find:Ways to value quiet moments, which bring simple joys to your lifeHow slow living takes root when less becomes more in your homeA guide on how to simplify your everyday life for mental clarityHow to create routines that enrich your mind and feed your soulIf you like books for homebodies or if you enjoyed Slow, Essentialism, or Simple Pleasures, you'll love Slow Living. Read more

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